Who do you trust?

With all the different techniques of dog training and behavioural solving methods, which one is right for you, and who can you trust is giving you the right information?

I know when I was having problems with my dog, I tried some traditional training methods first and they just didn’t work, I walked my dog twice a day to try and wear her out, but she got fitter and more determined and the problems were still there except I was exhausted!!!

You don’t know who you can trust sometimes, that’s why you have to go with how the method sits with you.  If it doesn’t feel right – don’t do it!  Here’s an example:

When I took my dog to training school, to get my dog to walk next to me I was told to keep jerking and pulling at her chain to physically make her walk by my side.  I was really uncomfortable doing this as I was making my dog do something through force, and if someone was doing that to me I would not respect or like them very much.  It was just plain cruel.  Today I still see people walking down the road jerking their dogs head towards them – who’s enjoying the walk?  Certainly not your dog and I am sure your not either…  Why would you do this with your best friend?

Now I am not judging anyone here who has done this or does this, as often they have been told by experts in their field to do this and it is difficult to question if you don’t know a better way.

But I am here to tell you there is a better way, and a kinder way of getting you dog to do what you want it to at its own free will.  You have to be the decision maker on the walk, so the dog is not leading the pack and you are.  And it all starts in your home first using the Amichien Bonding method.

So how can you trust me?  You don’t have to – just read the book or watch the DVD for only $20, and Jan’s method speaks for itself.  You can implement this method yourself, you don’t have to have a consult.  However, if you would like help implementing the method in your own home, I am here to help.



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