What kind of leader do you want to be?

Many methods to correct undesirable behaviour in your dog, require you to be the leader of your pack.  Yes this is correct but their are many types of leaders….

For example – in our human world, I can think of a couple of leaders that lead by fear, so their people are too scared to step out of line and therefore do exactly what they are told or they will suffer the consequences.  Would you want this type of leader?  Would you follow them if you had a choice? Imagine (or maybe you don’t have to), you had a boss who continually shouted at you or inflicted pain in some form or another.  You may do what your boss wants , but you have no respect for him/her and if there was ever chance for a change, I bet you would jump at it.

Bella & Milo

So do you want to be a leader that shouts at your dog, uses gadgets to inflict pain or discomfort, OR one that treats their dog like “Man’s Best Friend”.  Yes your dog is meant to be your best friend, so wouldn’t you rather treat them like that and want them to follow you of their own free will?  So how do you do this?  

You first have to understand why your dog behaves the way they do, which is because they truly believe they are the leader and that they have to make all the decisions in a world that they do not understand.

For only $20, the Book and DVD explain this in more depth and also the method Amichien Bonding which you implement to elevate your status to leader.  

You may say “but I am not a born leader!”  With this method you don’t need to be a born leader – we will teach you how to become leader of your pack using the method Amichien Bonding.

Interested in changing your relationship with your best friend?  For just $20 you can order the Book or DVD which explains the method and if you then would like to book a consult you can – at least you have an idea of what us Dog Listeners are all about!




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