How to stop your dog urinating inside your home.

Is your dog urinating inside your home?  This may not just be a matter of toilet training.

Yes your dog needs to be taught where they are allowed to do their business, as they do not know the difference between the lawn outside or your best carpet!  To train them to do this is very straight forward.

If your dog urinates in the house or where they are not meant to, do not react.  This may not be easy, but you are making things worse by reacting – you are making something out of nothing.  And they will learn that they can get a reaction from this action – it doesn’t matter to them what type of reaction/attention they get.  So they will repeat the behaviour.

So do not react, just clean it up with out any communication to your dog, and also keep calm when cleaning it up.  When they do urinate in the correct place, praise or reward them.  Most dogs will want to go to the toilet not long after they have eaten, so after they have eaten, take them outside (or feed them outside), and wait until they go.  When they do praise them “good girl/boy”.  To start with you can also give them a reward/treat.  This is one of the times you can go up to your dog (I will do another newsletter on your dogs space to explain this).  So as soon as they have finished their business, go up to them and give them a treat and praise.   Your dog wants to please you, so this way they are getting the right message in a positive way.

Now some of you may have done this and still your dog urinates in the house.  This is due to other reasons.  It could be medical, but if this is not the case, then your dog has an issue with its role in the pack (the pack is your household).  Inadvertently you have given your dog the role of leader in the pack.  So your dog is making all the decisions – your dog is urinating in the house to mark their territory.  DOGS ARE IN A WORLD THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND, so when you leave, they do not know you are coming back, so will scent the house, so you know where to find them.  This can be one of the results of separation anxiety.  As well as scent marking, it could be because it gets your attention.  If your dog is leader of the pack, he can do exactly as he pleases, and as you are the subordinate he has no reason to listen to you.  If he wants to check his position in the pack, and knows urinating gets your attention, he will do this, it gets your attention on his terms, so he has reaffirmed his position as leader in the pack.

Your dog does not want the role of leader of the pack as it is a job they are not able to do in our world.  So to stop this behaviour, take the decision making away from your dog with Amichien® Bonding and your dog will not need to urinate or defecate in the house.

If you are leader and you are making the decisions, your dog does not need to scent the house, as you are the leader and can come and go as you please.  Your dog will also not need to do it to get your attention, because if you are leader, you will not react to this behaviour, so they won’t succeed in getting your attention this way.  By using the method, you communicate to them every day in your daily routine to reassure them you make the decisions.  Then your dog can relax as you have taken the responsibility away from him.

Amichien® Bonding is a kind, simple and effective way of communicating with your dog in a language it understands.

If you would like to know more about the method, you can buy the book or DVD which explains the method, or for more information on home one to one consults please contact me.

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