The Loss of your Beloved Friend

The time will come when you have to say goodbye to your dog, whether it be due to illness or accident.  You also may have to make the hard decision to use Euthanasia.  This is a difficult time no matter what the cause of your dog’s death.

If you choose Euthanasia then you may have had to ask yourself the big question – what is the quality of my dogs life or what is it going to be?  Most owners would prefer to know their dog has had a happy life and would not want it to be ruined by an unknown length of time of unhappiness and suffering in the end.

‘The one thing you cannot introduce into the decision-making process is selfishness.  No owner relishes the prospect of losing their dog – the loss is going to be heavy, and it is going to mean a lot of heartache – but that cannot be a consideration.  There are only two options : either the dog is going to be in pain or you are.  It should never be the dog.’

‘The loss of a beloved dog is a terrible blow.  Many people feel more grief-stricken about losing their canine companions than losing a human friend or relative, yet many people also feel guilty about admitting how upset they are.  They shouldn’t.  Loss and grief are complicated emotional issues and can be hard for other people to understand.  That is not your concern.  To deny your sense of loss is to deny the love you had for your dog and that is not right.’

The right thing to do when your canine friend passes away is to honour its memory, look back on the good times you shared, and be honest about how much you miss their company.

(Reference : Jan Fennell – The Seven Ages of Your Dog – 2005)





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  1. Recently we had to make the heart breaking decision to euthanase our much loved dog after she sustained injuries in an accident. This article certainly helps understand some of the emotions we have been going through and realize they are normal and part of the process of grieving. While we miss our little friend terribly we know we did the right thing for her in letting her go so she would not continue to suffer. Thank you for posting this article.

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