Stop your dog barking in the car…..

Dog Barking

Problem with your Dog Barking in the car?
Here’s why…..  Dogs perceive cars as mobile dens which are vulnerable from all sides.  Imagine the speed things are rushing past and if your dog perceives itself as leader it can get very distressed as your dog is unable to get to you to protect you from these threats.  Therefore, until you are leader, any car journey should be avoided, if possible.

Once your dog has accepted you as leader, you give the normal response to any ‘perceived danger’ which is to thank your dog. If, however, your dog continues to react in a negative way and you are unable to take the usual next steps by ‘looking’ and ‘isolating’, it is advised that you enlist the help of a friend or family member.
All dogs should be contained safely while travelling in your car – if you have them in a cage or contained in the back area of your car, you can attach a lead to their collar and thread this through the bars of the cage or over the back of the seat. You can then sit on the back seat and when your dog begins to whine or bark simply ease the lead towards you, effectively drawing your dog towards the bars of the cage. This will stop your dog from barking and then the lead can be relaxed again. Do not make any verbal or eye contact with your dog as you do this.  This consequence of action will soon teach your dog that undesirable behaviour will result in this.  If your dog reacts again this action must be repeated. This can also be done if your dog wears a harness attached to a seat belt, the only difference is that you will draw your dog towards you until your dog is quiet.  So depending on how you secure your dog in the car you may have to adapt this slightly.  The idea is that you remain calm as you are the leader and you make the decisions.

Good luck and remember though you can only stop your dog barking in the car with the above method if you have adopted Amichien® Bonding.

Hope this helps!  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Become the leader of your pack and adopt Amichien Bonding.

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