Should I Castrate my Dog?

This is a question I am asked quite regularly, and it is something that is often recommended to people to solve their dogs behavioural issues.covering ears dog

My recommendation is to first ask yourself why you want to castrate your dog.

Of course if your answer is for health problems or to avoid unwanted puppies it is definitely acceptable to castrate your dog.

However, for the following reasons it is not necessary:

To stop my dog cocking his leg

Myself and other colleagues have met male dogs that squat and female dogs that cock their leg.  Some clients who have had their dogs castrated, say their dog still cocks his leg.  So you can be reassured that castration is not going to stop this.  If you want your dog to be more selective about where he cocks his leg, first you need to be the decision maker using Amichien® Bonding, and secondly as in my blog about urinating in the house, reward your dog for cocking his leg in the right area and ignore him when he does it where you don’t want it.

To stop my dog getting amorous with my visitors

Yes very embarrassing I know….  Castration will not stop this either – animals as well as humans still have the ability to function sexually, even if reproduction is out of the question.  The solution to this is if your dog starts “leg humping”, remove your dog from the room into a place of isolation, to give him time out for this action.  (Always remain calm when doing this).  If when you let him out he does it again, repeat the time out.  Repeat this for as long as it takes for him to stop “leg humping”.  Some dogs only take a couple of times of this and give up, others you may require more patience with. The last thing your dog wants to be is repeatedly losing the pack, so he will stop eventually.  This should also be done in conjunction with implementing Amichien® Bonding.

To stop my dog being so aggressive

In the majority of cases, castration does not work and in fact can make your dog get worse.  To stop aggression you need to take the job of leader, which you have inadvertently given to your dog, away from him. By using Amichien® Bonding, you communicate to your dog in a way he understands and you make him elect you as leader.  Therefore he stops having to make the decisions in a world that he does not understand.  Dogs are not aggressive by nature and if you have an aggressive dog and want to change this, it can be done – please contact me at for further information.

To stop prostate cancer

I am not a vet and do not have the expertise to advise on this, so would recommend you get a number of opinions and google new research before you remove something that occurs naturally in your dog. Although I don’t have the answer I would be asking the following questions: Do we remove other naturally occurring organs because there may be a chance they get cancer?  Is there a reason for a dog getting prostate cancer other than because the organ is there?  What side effects are there removing the prostate?  I also look at our own human statistics and as we eat more processed foods we seem to be getting sicker and sicker as a nation.  So maybe this is the same for our dogs?  Have you looked at the ingredients list in things you feed your dog – do you understand them?   So many questions!


In summary – for medical reasons and unwanted puppies go for it – just make sure you get a second opinion and do your research.

If it is for any behavioural reason – it is not necessary.  It’s whats in your dog’s head that has to be changed.  And this can be done using Jan Fennell International Dog Listener’s method Amichien® Bonding.

If you would like any more information on the method or one to one consults in your home, please contact me.

For more on this subject please see Jan Fennell’s article There is Always a Simple Solution.

Best wishes


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