What is Amichien® Bonding?

‘Amichien® Bonding’ is the established, highly successful and kind way of working with the nature of the dog to achieve the desired behaviour and responses; whether at home in our daily lives, out in our communities or for those dogs training to work alongside people to benefit all.

We can train any age dog

We can help train any age dog

‘Amichien® Bonding’ has been developed by International Dog Listener Jan Fennell.  The method is a simple way for both dog and carer to communicate in a way that both can really understand, removing the confusion that can cause difficulties in this partnership.

Once applied ‘Amichien® Bonding’ will help create a perfect, trusting friendship and should be seen, as with all forms of communication, as the perfect foundation for a wonderful future together.

By rejecting all thoughts of dominance and force and replacing them with respect, recognition of the world through their eyes and the desire to get our dogs to want to work with us of their own free will, we are empowered to have stress free happy dogs who will respond to our requests and choose to stay with us.

By seeing that almost all problems arise from a misunderstanding, once we appreciate that the dog is looking for a leader who cares for them, is kind to them and will step up to the role of leader when they experience concern or fear, we are able to bring magic to this relationship, with the simple adoption of a four part information system.

‘Amichien® Bonding’ gives you a full understanding of why a dog does what it does and a simple way to shape desired behaviour and quietly corrects undesirable behaviours without the use of force, fear, frustration, drugs or gadgets.

My Commitment To You

When you book a consultation I visit you at your home so you get help that is tailored to your individual requirements.

You also have the opportunity to question anything that you do not understand.

And most importantly of all you have free back-up support, by phone or email, for as long as you need it.

Enjoy your dog and all he brings to your life

Enjoy your dog and all he brings to your life

Amichien® Bonding is very different to traditional dog training and by visiting you in your home, you and your dog will both act naturally in your own surroundings.

You will also be able to see exactly what I do so there is no mystery or trickery to the method.

You’ll Learn Why Your Dog Behaves The Way He/She Does

The visit will last between 2-3 hours, during which time you will learn why the dog is behaving as it is, and what it is actually thinking.

Once you understand your dog, I then give you simple actions to perform when in contact with your dog, enabling you to communicate and show it that the undesirable behaviour is no longer necessary. The dog will stop the behaviour OF ITS OWN FREE WILL.

Amichien® Bonding is an on-going process, giving you and your dog time to learn with the knowledge that I am always there for you if you need me.

After this consultation, if you have any further questions, need some extra advice or simply some reassurance, I am available by phone or email.

This aftercare service is free of charge and available for the life of your dog.

You can also learn more by checking out my book and DVD as part of the Alpha Instinct Product Range.

Call Today And Make It Happen

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