Do you want to stop your dog jumping up on you?

Maybe you like your dog jumping up at you when you arrive home, or maybe you would rather be able to get in the door first and get changed into something more appropriate before the onslaught of paws!

The reason you may like this is if you think it is because your dog is pleased to see you.  Yes they are pleased to see you, but for a different reason you may think.  When you arrive home, from the dogs perspective, you have arrived home from the hunt as this would be the only reason you would leave the comfort of your own den.  Firstly they are relieved you have survived the outside world and secondly they need to see who is in charge.  After a hunt their could be casualties so they need to check that you are still fit to lead the pack.


If your dog is jumping up at you when you arrive home, he/she is trying to establish leadership, and trying to get your attention to see if they are in charge or you are.  Their natural instinct is that as soon as you give them attention – this could be as simple as making eye contact, speaking to them or stroking them – you have shown that you are below them in the pack and they are responsible for the pack.  This is not good for the dog as they are in a world they do not understand and they have been given the job as leader.

So how do you show them you are the leader?  First you need to ignore this behaviour.  When you get home carry on with your normal everyday activities without paying any attention to your dog at all.  If your dog starts jumping up, just turn your back on him/her and ignore them.  Eventually your dog should leave you alone and respect your space.  Once they have done this you can call them to you and give them as much love as you want as this attention is now on your terms.

There may however, be dog owners out their shaking their head and thinking “this won’t work with my dog“.  Sometimes there are dogs that are hard to ignore as their behaviour can get destructive or they get so excited and they don’t calm down.  This behaviour can still be resolved, however, you may need some help implementing the method and ongoing support whilst you work through the issues.  That’s where I can help you. If you would like to discuss a consult further please do not hesitate to contact me.  My consult comes with free back up support for as long as you need.

Establishing leadership is not only about the greeting  – read the book or DVD – The Dog Listener by Jan Fennell and learn about the method Amichien® Bonding for only $20.


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