Is your Dog Scared of Thunder or any other loud noises?

Do you dread fireworks night?  Is your dog scared of thunder? Does your dog cower and shiver in fear, or just not settle?

By understanding why your dog is scared of thunder or any other loud noise, you can work on solving the issue.  If you are not the leader of your pack, your dog is the decision maker, he/she has to decide whether the noise is something to be worried about.  As your dog is in a world it does not understand – everything is a threat to them and the one they are looking after – you!

If there is thunder and lighting how do you react?  Do you try and reassure your dog – do you get a bit upset at seeing your dog in this way?  This reassurance can often be seen by the dog as you getting stressed and scared too, which makes them even more distressed as they feel now that whatever the loud noise is, it is upsetting you, so your dog must now sort the problem out, some may keep barking to try and scare whatever it is away, others may just become a stressed mess, as they really don’t know what to do!  

So he best thing to do is for you to relax and completely ignore your dog and carry on as if you are fine with everything that is going on and there is nothing to worry about.  If your dog runs and hides – don’t join them!  


Just leave them there – and eventually they may come out as they see you are okay with the noise.  They will watch you for your reaction.  If you have adopted the Amichien® Bonding method and you are leader, your dog will see that you are not worried about the loud noises and as you are the decision maker, so they don’t need to worry about them either.

This is not a quick fix, as you need to change your dogs mind about who is in charge.  Your dog is not going to give up leadership that easily, so it is a case of working on all 4 areas as the method explains.  Once you are leader, your dog looks to you for the decisions and can relax knowing that they have no decisions to make.

If you would like to know how to become the leader of your pack using a kind, simple and effective method, please read Jan Fennell’s book or watch the DVD – International Dog Listener, which explains the role of leadership and four simple elements in the Amichien Bonding method to correct undesirable behaviour.

If you have extreme reactions that you are not able to address in this way, I would recommend as well as reading the book or watching the DVD, you call me for a one on one consult where I can help you implement the method in your home, to meet your requirements.

This way you can see what I do and you also get FREE back support after I leave.


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