You won’t be able to change your dog’s behaviour…. Really?

This is what I was told when I took my dog to “traditional training“. I couldn’t believe it and felt sad that I couldn’t help her.  I felt I was letting her down as I knew there was a gentle side to her, but for some reason she was acting aggressively (and that was just one of the problems I was dealing with).

I know I am not the only one who has been in this position – right?

I’m here to let you know that you CAN change your dog’s behaviour and permanently when you understand why your dog does it in the first place.

On reading Jan Fennell’s book – The Dog Listener – I learnt that there was very good reason why my dog was behaving badly and with Amichien Bonding I was able to put in place the method and take the decision making away from my dog. The change was unbelievable; I now have a relaxed and happy dog, which I was told was not possible.

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And I didn’t have to spend a fortune – just the cost of the book! If you do want help implementing this method in your own home or if you are dealing with a difficult situation, I offer home consults.

And after the consult I am there to support you for as long as you need it for free – I am just a phone call away should you have any further questions, need some extra advice or reassurance.

So what are you waiting for – order the book/DVD!     Click here to order.

Is It Okay For My Dog To Sleep On My Bed?

I get asked this question quite often; and frequently in a partnership it is one person who wants the dog on the bed more than the other.

It actually doesn’t matter if your dog sleeps on your bed or not, it’s how they get there.

You must invite your dog onto your bed and not let them jump up when they choose.  If you call your dog up onto your bed, that’s fine, but if they jump up without you asking, they must be taken off the bed gently and wait until they are asked.

Discuss Your Options Together

I also believe if one person is not happy with the sleeping arrangement, that you should both discuss what the other options are.

It is just as comforting to have your dog sleep next to you on a dog bed on the floor, and they are just as happy.  So don’t feel you are having the dog on the bed for the dogs sake, this is a decision you make for your own reason, so make sure you are both happy to have them on the bed.

If you have problems with your dog on the bed, i.e. your dog growls when you try to remove them, or growls at your partner, we can help.

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