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Dog Behaviour SolutionsStopping Dog Behaviour Problems With Your Best Friend!  Consults on the Gold Coast

  • Constant Barking
  • Jumping up at visitors
  • Aggression
  • Fear of loud noises or generally scared/nervous
  • Refusing to come when you call
  • Not being able to be left alone without destroying things or barking
  • Urinating in the house
  • Pulling at the lead when walking

I have faced all of the above dog behaviour problems with my dogs until I implemented the method Amichien® Bonding developed by Jan Fennell – International Dog Listener.

I loved the method so much I longed to share it with others.  So I trained to be one of Jan’s Dog Listeners to help others create a happy and relaxed relationship with their dog.  I am also part of Jan’s Quality Assurance Program.

badge-supportConsult Backed By FREE Support …….For as long as you need it!

A method that works for all dog behaviour issues.

And works with the nature of your dog – No need for control, gadgets or drugs!

Don’t imagine, make it happen – free ongoing support for the life of your dog.


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